Sex Snobs is a four piece band brandishing a 90s alternative rock sound which hearkens back to acts such as The Butthole Surfers, Weezer, Mercury Rev, and The Breeders.

Bleached hair and baggy denim is only a distant memory you have tried y0ur hardest to forget.  Holes eating away at your favorite pair of Reynolds or that “not so clean” flexi fit cap your girlfriend hates won’t save you from the future, but perhaps Sex Snobs will.  After recording their new album “Emotional Stuffing” with noise rock god Steve Albini, Sex Snobs deliver the alternative rock album you always wanted to hear in the 90’s but couldn’t until now.  Instilling your best and worst radio memories, this citrus flavored alternative rock quartet is comprised of Alex Barnard (Vocals, Guitar, Strawberry), James Hammontree (Bass, Lemon), Tommy Mckenzie (Guitar, Grapefruit) and Billy Reid (Drums, Blueberry).  Find Them in Oklahoma City when they aren’t finding themselves in other cities on tour.